Travel Logs: Laonging Around

Last winter, per the Tan-family tradition of an annual family reunion (it alternates between a foreign destination and our homeland, Malaysia), we decided to pay our less-popular South East Asian neighbor a visit. Laos is a fairly fascinating place – it’s been under the communist regime for the past couple of decades. Yet, it still contains a society that is rich in culture and religion. The buddhist monks play a large role in the cities, and their presence and influence can be felt. For example, every morning, the monks come out of the temple in order to get food offerings from the people. It was quite the sight.

Anyhow – just wanted to share a couple of snapshots to remind us of the beauty of golden pagodas, temples, and copious amounts of sticky rice. Featured in the photos below: Luang Prabang Royal Palace, Pha That Luang and an assortment of Laotian cuisine.


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