Soup for the Soul

I find winter to be a bitter-sweet season for me. On the one hand, you get weather like this, which makes you reconsider life decisions such as moving to New England. img_2015

On the other hand, it’s the most satisfying weather to cook soup in. Growing up in Malaysia, I’ve always thought of soup as an after-meal substitute for water. A savory way to wash the flavors down your throat. Being here in the U.S., however, has shown me that soups can be a lot more than a simple broth with some vegetables. It can be a truly rich and delightful dish to have, especially when it is cold outside.

I’ve been experimenting with a Christmas gift I received a few years ago. It was an immersion blender (I received the gift along with a molecular gastronomy kit… but maybe chemistry isn’t quite for me). Yet – I’ve never quite known where I would use this contraption (apart from making a 1-minute hollandaise sauce). After a series of Tasty videos though, I’ve learnt to harness the power of the portable blender and create some tasty concoctions of my own! Behold the following recipes:

1.) Potato leek soup – Yukon potatoes, leeks, chicken stock, bacon bits, and chives.

2.) French Onion Soup – Onions (lots of it), cognac, beef stock, mozarella, bread and cheese

3.) Mushroom soup – Mushrooms (lots of it), garlic, onion, flour, heavy cream

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