About Me!

Hello there! My name is Neal. I’m an economic consultant who is currently living in Boston. In between bouts of data exploration and economic research, I enjoy YouTube surfing for new recipe ideas, travelling (I have an extensive collection of currency notes and metro passes), coming up with one-liners for Instagram photo captions, and maximizing the lounge benefits on my credit card.

A little bit of background about me – I grew up in Malaysia, completed my high school in India, and, because I promised myself at the age of 18 that I wanted to experience life as far away from home as possible, decided to make the long trek to New England to pursue my college education. Having been in Boston for the last three years, I can now say that I have accomplished the following feats:

  1. Making lobster rolls from scratch (I had no idea you wrap them in newspapers)
  2. Completed the Freedom Trail 8 times with different individuals
  3. Making a trek to a grocery store during a Blizzard because I ran out of garlic (and wine)

The last point perhaps most accurately captures my enthusiasm for food and cooking. Growing up in Malaysia, the food culture has a visible influence on my daily activities. It can be found in many facets of life – whether it be making some Siew Yoke for a family potluck, traveling to the island of Penang to complete the annual food pilgrimage, or simply hanging out with my friends over some Nasi Lemak or Roti Canai at midnight.

While I have been in the U.S. for just over seven years now, I am still equally excited to use food as a vehicle to bring people together. Every now and then I would voluntarily make dinner for a few of my friends, which gives me the opportunity to test some of my latest and (sometimes experimental) greatest recipes on them. Over time, I found myself sitting on a large collection of photos capturing these food, conversation and memories. Thus, I’ve decided to start Meals at Neal’s to share recipes, ideas, and any other (food for) thought(s) that might come along the way!

I hope you enjoy what’s on the menu!


*There is no higher endorsement of one’s culinary ability by a roommate giving you a thumbs up in her pajamas.