Binging on Beignets

One of my favorite desserts here in the U.S. are beignets. They’re light, fluffy, crunchy, and quite possibly the most addictive things you can eat. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it reminds me a little of Chinese Fried Dough (Yau Char Kwai), but in a sweeter, and lighter way. So naturally, when I found out a few of my old MUWCI friends were moving to Boston, I decided to take a stab at making this dessert.

Overall, I was surprised at how simple this recipe was! Although I have to say, the next time I’m making this, I’m going to get a piping bag and fill each little beignet with chocolate. Glad I could cook for these bunch of people!




Chilling and Grilling (Indoors)

Step 1: Take a bunch of your colleague’s old stuff because he’s moving out of Boston. Things include: a futon, a coffee table, a portable grill, a portable fan

Step 2: Buy a bunch of meat from the store. Things include: Kobe beef slices, and pre-marinated pork / beef.

Step 3: Create the following setup (make sure to include the fan – otherwise you’ll set off your fire alarm)


Step 4: Grill and watch Jurassic World at the same time.

Figured I’d share my latest idea of what “chilling and grilling” meansĀ  when you don’t have a backyard.

Regular Expressions in Meal Prep

I have come to appreciate the geometry of takeout containers. They’re quite stackable.

Anyhow – a couple of meal prep ideas from the interwebs!

On the left is a minced meat and wanton noodle recipe found here! It’s pretty addictive, especially if you fry the minced pork to get it real nice and crispy.

Credits go to Tasty for their incredible food videos – Japanese Katsu with Curry on the right (recipe here) and Chicken and Rice (recipe here).